The gas phase method of silica used in organic silicone rubber
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The gas phase method of silica used in organic silicone rubber
As is known to all, if there is no gas phase method of silica, silicone industry would be unthinkable.

Fusil ® gas phase method of silica can optimize the rheological properties of products in a variety of applications and improve the mechanical properties;In addition, Fusil ® gas phase method of silica and even can be used for settling agent, and effectively improve the storage stability of organic silicon material, processability and application effect. 
Special brand of Fusil ® products can achieve highly transparent and thermal stability of the system.Fusil ® gas phase method of silicon dioxide has become indispensable not only a kind of material, and through them derived from highly specialised and environmental friendly technology has been firmly rooted in the organic silicon industry.In addition to the actual Fusil ® products, in many cases we also provide many complete technology solutions, has the incomparable advantage.Our highly specialized research and development team is committed to product development and application of the persistent.
Specially set up the laboratory research application and operating with the customer.Efficient logistics guarantee timely delivery of the products.Well-designed packaging can prevent the possible problems in the process of operation.Technical support and customer service all over the world.Our Fusil ® policy long for gas phase method of silica for the customer provides the security, to avoid the accident due to look for other solutions investment cost.
Our organization all over the world, making our professional technology to achieve the international network.We work hand in hand with customers, provide professional solutions for each system development, meet the highest standards of customers, make customers more successful organic silicon products.

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