Current Situation

Now, we have become one of the largest comprehensive chemical groups in Northeast China and own two high-grade

quartz mines so as to lay a solid foundation for producing high quality products. We successively set up large

manufacturing bases in Jilin, Shandong, Jiangxi to manufacture silicon dioxide series of products...



Silicone rubber,Elastomer,Adhesive,PVC,Paint coating,Printing ink,Medicine, Cosmetic.etc

Fumed silica is the superfine micro-nano fine chemical product, which is divided into hydrophilic type and hydrophobic type in accordance with their different surface treatments. Its appearance is white powder...

Paint coating grade,ink-jet printing grade silicon dioxide,leather delustrant-suitable for solvent-based or water-based leather surface coating agent.etc.

The product has the characteristics of  large pore volume, molecular structure is polyhedral,particle size distribution,  Ideal specific surface area and high oil absorption. In practical application, it fully reflects the higher adsorption, matting,thixotropy and anti-stick....

Rubber products,silicone rubber,thermal insulation material,paint ,resin,adhesive,toothpaste ,food,feed additive.etc.

Precipitated silica commonly known as white carbon black, also known as silica hydrate, light silica, the chemical expression is generally written as mSiO2•nH2O.Soluble in caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid...

Thermal and sound insulation ,Sustained-release agent , Carrier ,Filtration materials ,Can also be developed into many application products

Sio2 aerogel is a kind of solid material with three dimensional network structure, which has low density, low thermal conductivity, high transmittance, high porosity and high specific surface area as well as the character of fire prevention and water proof etc....



Successfully developed Pd metal aerogel for photothermal enhanced chemokinetic therapy of MRSA bacterial infection

Recently, the team of the "Molecular Imaging Probe Laboratory" of the Cancer Research Institute of Hengyang Medical College, Nanhua University successfully developed a Pd metal aerogel that can be used for photothermal enhanced chemokinetic therapy of MRSA bacterial infection. The relevant research achievements were titled "norepinephrine induced hydrophilic palladium aerogel with photothermal enhanced multi enzyme like activity for chemokinetic treatment of MRSA infection", and were published in the high-level SCI journal Journal of Chemical Engineering Publish research papers on.

The latest research found that high purity aerogels can be rapidly prepared by simple and continuous stirring

Pouring out the remaining tea leaves in one go often reveals that there is always tea leaves left inside the cup wall. Therefore, it is necessary to use the cup again or again to tap tap water until the tea leaves in the cup are completely removed. How to use the principles of physics to solve this practical problem? Thinking of Einstein's tea paradox, by rotating the cup in hand and quickly pouring the cup body, tea and water were poured out simultaneously, and it was found that there was no tea residue inside the cup.