Product application in the industry

What are the applications of gas silicon in agriculture?

Since ancient times, my country has been a big agricultural country.
Su Dongpo once wrote in a poem:
"Divided by the green waves and the clouds, the green needles pierce the water and shoot the rice buds"
——The water enters the field, the rice seedlings are green and green,
The thriving scene contains the wisdom of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

With the continuous development of agricultural technology, modern people have rich and advanced technologies, which can more efficiently and sustainably utilize natural resources and produce crops that meet the needs of people's lives.

For many years, China has been committed to developing and supplying high-performance fumed silica products to aid crop production. Fumed silica is an amorphous silica product with high specific surface area and small particle size. It plays a simple but important role in the formulation of agricultural chemicals. Choosing the right product can effectively protect crops, help crops grow, and increase yield per mu.
Aerosilicone products are widely used in agricultural fields:

"Seed Coating"

 During storage, the pre-germination of the seeds is adjusted by controlling the infiltration of water, so that the germination rate and the yield per mu of the final seeds are improved. At the same time, during storage, if encountering a high humidity environment, fumed silica can effectively act as a barrier to prevent seeds from rotting.

"Fertilizer Products"

Excellent anti-caking ability can help the agent to act more evenly on the plant or field when used. The ability to assist dispersion can help the use of powdered medicaments, which greatly improves the utilization rate while avoiding waste.

"Water Suspension, Oil Suspension"

The addition of fumed silica can help the active ingredient to exist stably in the water suspension or oil suspension system for a long time. Helps disperse active ingredients and prevent clumping, agglomeration, etc. throughout the life cycle. At the same time, fumed silica also acts as an emulsifier to avoid phase separation. In addition, fumed silica products do not breed microbes, preventing conditions such as nozzle blockage during spraying.

Fusil fumed silica can provide a variety of properties in the production of pesticides:

1. Viscosity adjustment

Fusil fumed silicone products can be used as viscosity modifiers/thickeners in various suspension systems. At the same time, the addition of fumed silica can effectively prevent sedimentation.

 Treated fumed silica (hydrophobic) provides thixotropy and other properties in pesticide systems, and is also helpful for sag resistance.

2. Stable system

Fusil gas silicon products can improve the stability of pharmaceuticals by preventing oil droplets from agglomerating in water and oil phases. Fumed silica particles with both hydrophilic and lipophilic surface groups are used as emulsifiers for inorganic microparticles, and are a good choice for pharmaceutical formulations.

3. Rheological adjustment

Fusil fumed silica products can act as "steric hindrance" between powder particles to reduce mutual attraction between particles and prevent caking. At the same time, with the increase of silica addition, the powder flowability will also be improved.

4. Adsorption carrier

Fusil fumed silica products act as carriers (absorbents) for liquids, thereby converting liquid systems into dry, free-flowing powders for ease of handling and formulation.