Product application in the industry

What is the origin of the aerogel that BYD is waiting to use?

Recently, BYD plans to use aerogel for all its products, which was previously used by high-end products. What is the aerogel that BYD is waiting to use? Some people call it "frozen blue smoke", others call it "solid air", which is known as "magic material that can change the world".

Aerogel: "the lightest solid in the world at present"

It is so transparent that it can hardly be seen against a light background. Once the background becomes dark, it will have a sense of blue smoke.

"I" is a new type of nano porous solid material, which is the lightest solid in the world at present, with low thermal conductivity, high fire rating, good waterproof effect, wide range of use temperature and other excellent properties.


Low thermal conductivity

"I" have many brothers and sisters

The commercial application of Silica aerogel is the most mature

According to precursors, they can be divided into seven categories: oxides, carbides, polymers, biomass, semiconductors, non oxides and metals. Many different precursors can be used to prepare aerogels with different properties.

"I" is proficient in 18 kinds of martial arts.