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Aerogel®100B Powder


Aerogel powder

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    • Commodity name: Aerogel<sup>®</sup>100B Powder
    • Commodity ID: 1245725128377651200

    FUSILE®ARG100B powder

    Fusil®The ARG100B powder is a hydrophilic silica aerogel powder with a specific surface area of 400-600 m2/g.



    • Thermal and acoustic insulation

    • Sustained release agents

    • Carrier

    • Filter materials

    • Can also be developed into many application products



    • High porosity

    • Large specific surface area

    • Daytime lighting

    • Low thermal conductivity

    • Low density

    • Hydrophilic


    Safety and Handling

    Information about the safety of the product is listed in the corresponding safety data sheet, which will be sent on the first delivery or when updated. Such information can also be obtained from the info@fuchangchem.com of the Fuchang Chemical of E-MAIL Product Safety and can also be checked from our homepage at www.fuchangchem.com. We recommend reading the safety data sheets carefully before using our products.


    Packaging and storage

    Store in a ventilated and dry storage area to prevent volatilization of materials. It should be used within 2 years after production.

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