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Aerogel®150 large particles


Aerogel particles

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    • Commodity name: Aerogel<sup>®</sup>150 large particles
    • Commodity ID: 1245725262675070976

    Sio2Aerogel is a kind of aerogel with three-dimensional network structure and low density


    Sio2Aerogel is a kind of solid material with three-dimensional network structure, which has the characteristics of low density, low thermal conductivity, high light transmittance, high porosity, high specific surface area, fire prevention and waterproof. Therefore, it is a rare lightweight, multi-functional, environmentally friendly material, especially in the field of pipeline and building insulation has broad application prospects.


    We have a great advantage in aerogel products. Make full use of its product characteristics, combined with market demand, can provide gas gel powder, aerogel particles, aerogel board and other products, forming a complete product production system, can be applied to a variety of industries.


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