Product application in the industry

Silica aerogel thermal insulation pads are used in "black technology" cameras in the Winter Olympics

Since the opening of the Winter Olympics, All games are very exciting!, especially in speed skating, The athletes are very fast. While watching the game, have you ever wondered: How did you take the picture of the speed skater rushing over?


This Winter Olympics black technology is hidden on the ice, but it is difficult for ordinary people to find it because it is hidden a little deep. Where is it hiding? It's hidden in a red cone on the ice. In addition to marking the track, the cone can also broadcast the Winter Olympics.

The ice cone camera presents the moment when the athlete is impacted head-on, giving everyone an immersive feeling, which has never been seen before. The size of the camera is only 25 × 25 × 18 mm, even though it is small, the equipment of the machine is very powerful. A camera system consists of three parts, namely camera, battery, and wireless transmitter. We need to integrate these three components into a small cone, small enough, and the picture quality should be good enough, and the transmission should be high quality and without delay.

After these components are integrated, its heat dissipation problem must be solved. The temperature of the machine can reach about 60 degrees Celsius, which will melt the ice surface. The initial design was to install a fan on it to exhaust the hot air, but it would make a sound, which would have an impact on the game. Later, a special material was used for the base, and a layer of silica aerogel thermal insulation pad was added (the main material of the aerogel pad is aerogel powder and aerogel particles) to further isolate the temperature from the ice surface. With the addition of silica aerogel thermal insulation pads, the normal operation of the camera is ensured, and the ice surface is not affected by the heat dissipation of the camera, which can be said to serve multiple purposes.