Application of Silica Aerogel in Building Wall


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Application of Silica Aerogel in Building Wall

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-22 11:12

Application of Silica Aerogel in Building Wall

People have explored the development of aerogels for building wall thermal insulation, which is important for reducing the heat loss of heat transmitted through the peripheral structure, promoting green and low-carbon construction, and implementing the goals and tasks of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality". significance.

building wall heat loss

The carbon emissions in the whole life cycle of buildings account for about 50% of the national total emissions. Among them, the proportion of the wall in the building envelope is the largest, and the proportion of heat loss caused by the heat transfer of the wall is also the largest. Studies have shown that the heat transfer of buildings through maintenance structures accounts for 73%-77% of the energy consumption of the entire building, of which the heat consumption of external walls accounts for about 30%.

Due to the increase in energy demand for buildings, the heat loss of buildings continues to have a negative impact on climate change, which makes people realize that energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon transformation in the building sector are the key to my country's realization of the "dual carbon" goal. To this end, the government has promulgated numerous policy plans, such as the "Carbon Peak Action Plan before 2030" issued by the State Council, which clearly calls for the promotion of green and low-carbon building materials and green construction methods, and points out that it is necessary to accelerate the development of basic materials such as carbon fiber, aerogel and special steel. R&D.

Reduced heat loss through silica aerogel materials

Faced with the severe situation and government requirements, various technical solutions have been proposed and developed in the industry to reduce the heat loss problem of heat transfer through the peripheral structure. Materials including rock wool, vacuum insulation, integrated board, aerogel and other materials have been solicited and included in the list of encouraged categories for the revision of the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog". Among them, the technical solutions given by aerogels in particular have more attractive properties, such as low thermal conductivity, low solid density, and high porosity.